Hampshire IT

Internet services

Hampshire IT provides an extensive range of web hosting, internet and mail services for the community and public services sector.

Note these services are not for individuals.

School Website Service

  • Free service for schools to build and maintain a simple website, enjoyed by 124 schools across Hampshire.

Town and Parish Website Service

  • Free service for a simple professional website.

Content management

  • Our Web Publishing System (WPS) enables internal departments to create major websites.

Internet services

Domain Name Registration service

  • Register an approved domain name that we manage on your behalf.

Internet feed

  • Good value internet feed for any public sector, charity or voluntary organisation.

Secure Server Certificates

  • Encrypted secure traffic between web information and clients.

Mail Services

Email accounts

  • Centrally hosted secure email service using our web-based email client.

Mail feed

  • Deliver email to your own mail server, for example by using eXchange.

Mailing lists

  • "Mailman" allows groups of people with a common interest to create a single mailing list to communicate with each other via email.