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Web Publishing Service

The Web Publishing System allows people with limited technical web skills or specialised knowledge to manage web content or a whole web site.

The look and feel of the site and the navigation is defined by using a set of templates that ensures consistency for the user and delivers technically sound web design. Content in the form of new pages, text, images and links can be added and a standard set of styles applied across a website. Content goes through a workflow process and can be automatically published according to specified dates and times.

Features and benefits

Web Publishing System is a powerful tool to help you

  • Create Hantsnet and Hantsweb sites locally
  • Make changes and review them immediately
  • Upload changes to your web site
  • Create web sites with a more professional image
  • Type content directly into web pages
  • Control who can update and approve pages
  • More easily adhere to Disability and Discrimination Act laws through the use of templates

Web Publishing templates enable you to produce consistent and professional pages for your website that can be constrianed to meet the necessary standards eg AA accessibility. The system has workflow controls, so that no pages go live until they are approved by your Editor.


The following Consultancy services are available on request

  • Web Design and Development
  • Content Updating
  • Advice

The Corporate Web Standards pages explain both the minimum standards that must be followed as well as good practice that can enhance your web pages.



This service is for internal customers requiring an easy option to Web Publishing. The service can be made available to external customers by agreement.


  • A Browser
  • Internet access
  • Access to the Web Publishing System
  • Training either via Learn IT or a HCC Training Course


  • Access requests or changes
  • Support on standard WPS templates
  • Service availability


Support relating to content or design of web sites, unless by agreement.


The following Consultancy services are available on request:

  • Web Design and Development
  • Content Updating
  • Advice

Additional Information

A WPS user can request access changes via the Help Desk.


Pricing and Lead-times - 2010/2011

Service Costs    
Description Price Lead-time
Creation of an area within WPS for a website £2,043 21 days
Annual charge per author/editor £107pa 21 days
Annual site charge £510pa 21 days

Web Development for the creation of Templates will take of the order of 3-4 days per template. Content Updating and migration are charged by the hour. Please refer to the Consultancy Pricing Information page for current rates. Leadtime is by agreement.



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