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Internet Feed

Internet Feed

Internet Feed

A value for money internet feed can be provided to any public sector, charity or voluntary organisation.

Offerings can be tailored to your needs and cost will depend upon the bandwidth required and suitable connectivity will have to be arranged, typically through the Hampshire Public Sector Network but other options are available.


Technical details

Our Internet Service is delivered to us over a resilient link from a Tier 1 service provider at Telehouse in London, the UK’s main connection to the Internet. We provide this service to over 500 schools and to a number of partners as well as our own community of users.

The service is cached and normally filtered to provide a feed suitable for most needs. Standard offerings are:

  • Schools filter (content unsuitable for students is denied) – this service is actively maintained by self policing by teachers
  • Staff filter (filtered for an adult community but denying unsuitable content)
  • Public (this has the minimum filtering and is typically that offered to our 50 People’s Network outlets)

Also we can arrange for the appropriate bandwidth and can advise or assist with the provision and maintenance of a suitable firewall service to protect your organisation.



In the first instance contact


giving us your contact details and an idea of requirements.