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Web Hosting Service - cPanel (Free)

Free Web Hosting Service - cPanel

Free web hosting

Hampshire County Council provides free website hosting to eligible community organisations, including parish and town councils, voluntary organisations and registered charities local to or with an interest in Hampshire.

Features and Benefits

  • 50mb of space allocated
  • Address under hants.org.uk domain

Who qualifies for the free web space?

  • Your organisation must be in the public or voluntary sectorsIt is either based in, or provides services for the county of Hampshire

This includes, but is not limited to, parish, town and district councils, public-sector schools including GM-status schools, hospitals, NHS trusts and health authorities, most voluntary organisations and registered charities. Some non-commercial clubs and societies providing services to the community may qualify.

Commercial companies that provide public services in Hampshire on behalf of a public body (services contracted out by a local authority) may qualify, but only for the provision of information about their public services.

We are sorry... but private individuals, wholly commercial companies, pressure groups and party political bodies do not qualify.

Our web space offers do not apply to Hampshire County Council departments, business units or collaborative projects where Hampshire County Council is the major funder, as in theses instances your web pages must be part of Hantsweb



If you are a qualifying organisation, Hampshire County Council will host your web site for free. We will give you 50mb of web space which is equivalent to approximately 600 A4 pages (without graphics).


Customers will need:

  • A PC with Internet connection
  • An Internet email account
  • HTML editing software
  • FTP software
  • Graphic manipulation tool (optional)


  • 50Mb of web space
  • 1 FTP user account
  • Address under www.hants.org.uk domain


  • Use of a unique domain name (this is possible at an annual charge)
  • Use of webspace by individuals, political bodies or other ineligible groups (see Do I qualify?)
  • The use of scripts, server extensions or other advanced features. These may be available under one of our chargeable webspace options.


  • There are no options available for this service.


  • Chargeable webspace options
  • Schools Website

Choosing your web site address (URL)

Before you apply for web space you will need to decide on an address (URL) for your web site. There are several options open to you. Some addresses are free of charge and others incur a charge for their registration.

We can provide addresses under the 'hampshire' domain name (www.hampshire.org.uk) free of charge. This would mean your web site address would be www.yourorganisation.hampshire.org.uk.

We can set up a 'virtual server', with extended functionality, hosted by Hampshire County Council at a cost of £99 per annum. We can then allocate you an address in a sub-domain under one of our domain names (at no extra charge):

  • yourorganisation.hampshire.org.uk

Alternatively we can set up a 'virtual server' and register a unique domain name of your choice, for example www.lsp.org.uk./. The overall charge will include the cost of a virtual server plus the charge levied by our internet service provider for registering your domain name. The total cost will depend on the domain name that you wish to register. Please see our price list for details of our virtual service and domain registration. You will be advised of the current figures when you fill in the online application form.

If you are applying for your own domain name, you must be aware of the terms and condition imposed by Nominet, the registration body for .uk domain names.


Lead time

The lead time to set up a new site is approximately 10 days.

Minimum length

There is no minimum length of contract for this service.

Early termination and charges

There are no termination charges associated with this service.


Once the web space is set up, a member of staff from IT Services will contact the customer using the details supplied at the time the order was placed.