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Fancy becoming a Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO) and helping other people at your school stay street safe? If your school is in Hampshire, you can!

  • To be part of the JRSO scheme, your school must join. Ask your teacher to contact your road safety officer for more information. Our activity packs tell you all you need to know to help keep your school street safe. They also include street safe posters, tips, fun activities you can use as competitions and lots more!

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2014 - 2015 training dates

We are excited to announce that we have already booked our annual training days for the next academic year. The dates and locations are:

  • Friday 10 October 2014 - Macdonald Botley Park Hotel, Boorley Green

  • Friday 17 October 2014 - Hampshire Court Hotel, Basingstoke

The training days will run from 09:00 - 15:00 and refreshments are provided for adults and children. Parking is also available free of charge on site.

If you would like to register for the scheme and to attend the training, please email


The JRSO scheme is in its fifth year and we now have JRSOs in 149 schools.

We had over 200 JRSOs attend the two training days at Hampshire Court Hotel, Basingstoke and Botley Park Hotel, Boorley Green.

The children and teaching staff spent the day taking part in four interactive workshops, which taught them all about road safety. The workshops consisted of the successful Heart FM and t-shirt designing but also included an interactive Qwizdom activity and the Road Safety Toolkit, where children played games and visited road safety sites which they could use in school.

Finally, we need to say a huge thank you to South Wonston Primary School and Cove Junior School for supporting the events by presenting their JRSO experiences from last year. They all did a fantastic job and everyone found their contributions very helpful.

JRSO Botley Park presentationJRSO Botley presentationJRSO Botley Park Heart FMJRSO Botley Snakes and HazardsJRSO Botley QwizdomJRSO Botley T-shirtsJRSO Botley bike helmetsjrso botley heartJRSO Botley Qwizdom

Be Bright Be Seen assembly

Demonstrate to your school the importance of being bright so traffic can see you more quickly.

Dress Bright assembly plan

Green Cross Code assembly

Use the Green Cross Code statements to teach your peers how to cross the road safely. Don't forget to show the Tales of the Road advert to reinforce the Stop, Look and Listen message!

Green Cross Code assembly plan

Green Cross Code statements

Game Over presentation and notes.

Use the presentation in an

assembly to teach your peers about the importance of not being distracted whilst walking.

Game Over Presentation

Game Over assembly plan

Seatbelt and car seat presentation and notes.

Use this presentation to teach your peers about the laws and importance of wearing a seatbelt and using the correct car seat.

Seatbelt Presentation

Seatbelt Assembly plan


I have been lucky enough to visit so many schools this half term and have been extremely impressed with all the efforts the JRSO teams have been doing. Below are some examples of work and ideas from other schools which you could do in your school

Harrison Primary School

The JRSOs organised an Easter Egg hunt with a road safety quiz. The children had to answer clues and at each clue location, they had to answer a road safety question. If they answered all the road safety questions corerectly, they got an extra prize at the end. Why not download the quiz to use at a summer fayre in your school!

Harrison quiz


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