Meet the team



Hey! I'm Jasmine

I'm into fashion, magazines, new shoes and music.

I really like School Crossing Patrols. They help us stay safe. People who drive too fast get on my nerves, though - it's not clever and definitely isn't cool!

Road safety doesn't have to be boring - we're always finding new ways to get the message across - songs, competitions, fashion shows with street safe gear - all sorts!



Hi there. I'm Reggie

Skateboarding is my thing - and football and tennis. Well, just about any outdoor sports really!

Careless cyclists who ignore the rules of the road drive me mad. People who walk across the road and keep looking and listening get a thumbs up from me

We know a lot about road safety but even we ask for help sometimes. There's plenty of good information on this site, but you can get more advice from your parents or teachers. And once you know how to stay safer, don't forget to pass it on!

Su Li

Su Li

Hello! I'm Su Li

I'm pretty active - I love rollerblading, hiking, and cycling. And Reggie knows I never ignore the rules of the road when I cycle!

I don't like kids who don't wear seat belts or use the right car seat. Seat belts keep us all safer, and it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Be a great example to others by always using the Green Cross Code - at safer crossing places whenever you can. When you're street safe, you can encourage others to be the same.



Hi! I'm Ollie

I love playing football and listening to music.

I can't stand cars parking on our school keep clear area. It's against the law and makes it harder for us to cross the road safely.

We keep thinking of different ways to remind each other to stay street safe.

If you talk to other people at your school, we're sure you can find new ways to learn and get the message out about road safety.


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