Land Charges

The Extent of the Highway

Please note the CON29 only requires the status of the "roadway, footway or footpath" to be answered, it does not require the extent to be given.

If you require to know the extent (ie. whether a property abuts the highway or whether a particular area of land is subject to highway rights ) then this must be requested under a separate enquiry.

There is an ongoing project to identify the extent of all highways within Hampshire, however as there are in excess of 8,500 km of highways it will take sometime to complete. Where we have not already identified the full extent of the highway, then an enquiry may require a significant amount of research and a site visit.

  • The charge for this service is £49.50
  • For larger enquiries we may charge an hourly rate. An estimate will be provided)

For written replies to enquiries outside of the Con29 search procedure we will also make a charge of £49.50

Extent enquiries should be addressed to the team:

By post:

Highways Status Team
Economy, Transport & Environment Department
Hampshire County Council
The Castle
SO23 8UD

DX 2510 Winchester