Landscape Planning and Heritage

About HBIC

HBIC is a partnership-led biological records centre hosted by Hampshire County Council and based within the Ecology Group in the Environment Department.  Launched in April 2002, HBIC has been established with the principle aims of bringing together information on Hampshire’s wildlife and making it available to all those who need it.

HBIC is a member of the Association of Local Environmental Records Centres (ALERC). The Association, formally launched in 2008, represents the interests of Local Records Centres in the UK, promoting standards and services in biodiversity and geodiversity data collation & service provision.

What HBIC does

HBIC maintains a computerised biological database containing detailed information on sites and species in Hampshire. This data is used to identify Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs), a non-statutory designation which highlights the importance of a site for wildlife within the context of Hampshire.

The information from HBIC’s biological database is a valuable resource within the county.  As well as being central to the projects and functions of the Ecology Group it supports the work of HBIC’s Partners which include local authorities, nature conservation bodies and statutory organisations.  Additionally, it is an important resource used by landowners, consultants, students, local groups and the public to assist with environmental assessment, land management, private research and study.

The Aims of HBIC are:

  • To provide a focus for the collection and management of biological data relating to Hampshire

  • To make data available to all those who require it, including local authorities, government agencies, voluntary bodies, consultants, landowners, educational establishments and the public, subject to agreed policies on access and charging

  • To provide guidance and support for local recorders and recording groups

  • To encourage more people to appreciate Hampshire's biodiversity and obtain enjoyment from biological recording in the county

  • To conform to nationally agreed standards and contribute to the National Biodiversity Network