Landscape Planning and Heritage

Data requests

HBIC offers an interpreted and enhanced biodiversity information service. Much of the information that is provided has been verified, evaluated, filtered and aggregated to ensure the requestor receives only the most relevant and up-to-date data with key attributes such as status, date history, number of records etc. The data is accompanied by explanatory notes and definitions of terminology with links to legends and complex species legislation to reduce the amount of material that is sent out and provide valuable further information.

A licence charge will be made for re-use of the data, but may be waived for voluntary conservation bodies and local groups, students and members of the public where there is no commercial interest.

For more information on charges see Charges and response times.

Before submitting a data request it is important that you read and understand the following guidance notes:

Online requests

Please use the on-line data request form to request data or a quote as this helps reduce administration overheads and ensures response times are logged and monitored.

The form takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete and a copy of the form can be printed or saved if required. Digital maps and GIS shapefiles defining your search area can be attached to the on-line form electronically or can be sent separately by email or post along with the reference to your on-line application.

Postal requests

Alternatively, you may download or print out and complete a data request form in either PDF or Word format:

Please send the form, along with any associated maps, to:

Hampshire Biodiversity Information Centre
Elizabeth ll Court West
The Castle
SO23 8UD.