Landscape Planning and Heritage

Your Records

How you can contribute species records

Please send your data to the appropriate recording group. Sending to the relevant Hampshire County Recorder Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 84kb avoids duplication of records and ensures that all data is validated and consolidated by one organisation. Through data exchange agreements HBIC’s partner organisations provide HBIC with regular database updates. For species where no County Recorder exists HBIC is pleased to receive your records, especially for notable species.

Many species groups now have on-line recording forms to make data collation and verification much easier. For example:

Living Record

However if you would prefer to submit all your records in one place for a number of taxa then HBIC have set up Living Record for Hampshire in partnership with the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, the Hampshire Amphibian & Reptile Group and the Hampshire Mammal Group.

The Hampshire Flora Group has been using Living Record successfully over the past year. Living Record allows recorders to map and download any records they enter online, whilst also enabling the County Recorders to check the records before they are collated and made available to HBIC and the national schemes.

What you must include in all species records

Whether method you use to send your species records they must include:

  • Who: name of recorder(s) and contact details
  • What: species name
  • Where: grid reference (six or eight figure where possible) and site name
  • When: date of observation

And, wherever possible – an estimate of species abundance or a count, stage, breeding status, and a brief site/habitat description.