Landscape Planning and Heritage

Survey requests

If you have a site of potential biodiversity interest which you would like surveyed, please complete the survey request form and we will see if it can be fitted into our survey programme.  The landowners permission must have been obtained first, plus we need details of the owner in order to notify them of the survey date.

Make a survey request

The Hampshire Biodiversity Information Centre employs two field ecologists who carry out botanical surveys of sites (habitat parcels) to Phase 2 / NVC level on behalf of the HBIC funding partners. Surveys are carried out for a variety of purposes, including informing new development proposals, land management schemes and monitoring of sites of wildlife importance.

HBIC would like to open up this facility to the wider community to facilitate a greater understanding of the biodiversity in their area. New surveys can be fitted into the HBIC Survey Programme if they meet the objectives of the HBIC Partnership and where resources allow. Priority will be given to those sites which may potentially support habitats of wildlife interest where existing survey data is non-existent, poor or at least ten years old.

Conditions :

  1. All applications for survey must come with the landowners permission, their full contact details, and a map giving an accurate boundary of the area requiring survey.
  2. The submission of a habitat survey request does not guarantee that a survey will be carried out.
  3. Contributions towards costs will be sought from commercial organisations requesting survey.

To request a habitat survey please complete the online survey request form. It will take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete.

If you need to provide a paper map to define your search area you can still complete the on-line survey request form and then send the paper map by post including a reference to your on-line application. Alternatively, you can download and complete a Habitat Survey Request Form Microsoft Word 28kb and send your form and map to the Hampshire Biodiversity Information Centre.