Historic Environment

The Archaeology and Historic Buildings Record

The Archaeology and Historic Buildings Record (AHBR) is the Historic Environment Record for Hampshire County Council.  It is an index to the known archaeological sites and finds, historic buildings, designed and historic landscapes, parks and gardens, and industrial monuments in the county.

The AHBR includes sites and finds dating from the prehistoric period, to buildings and defences of the twentieth century. The records range from impressive monuments, such as Iron Age hillforts, to single finds reported by members of the public.

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Consulting the AHBR

The AHBR Online is supplemented by a computer database linked to a digital mapping system, and by a paper-based archive which includes fieldwork and survey reports, articles, images, and aerial photographs.

If you wish to consult the full AHBR record you can email us at historic.environment@hants.gov.uk, telephone us on 01962 845515 or write to us at the following address:

Historic Environment Team

Strategic Environment Delivery Group

Economy, Transport and Environment Department

1st Floor, Elizabeth II Court West

The Castle


SO23 8UJ

You can also visit the AHBR in person. Our opening times are 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Thursday, and 9.00am to 4.30pm on Fridays, but please get in touch first to book our visitor desk.

Other historic environment records in Hampshire

The AHBR holds information for the administrative county of Hampshire. The unitary authorities of Southampton and Portsmouth maintain their own Historic Environment Records and enquiries for these areas should be addressed to the relevant local authority. Winchester City Council also has a Historic Environment Record and may have additional information for sites within their district.

Can you help us?

Although there are over 40,000 records in the AHBR, there is still much to be discovered and understood. We are always looking to receive new information for our records, so If you have undertaken research on the archaeology, landscape or historic buildings in your area; or have discovered finds or sites, such as pottery or earthworks, please do get in touch.