Improving towns & villages

How to apply

Who can apply?

Schemes need to be identified by the local community and Parish Council and an application should then be made through the Parish Council. Alternatively the District or Borough Councils may identify projects.

Restoration of a traditional street light.

The Landscape Planning and Heritage group, may be able to provide design and implementation support for your scheme.  We can offer advice or help you draw up a sketch plan for implementation by volunteers. We are very flexible and open to discussing the options you need.

Match funding can be sought from a number of different sources and the links shown provide access to a number of organisations which offer funding for environmental works

Making an application for funding

Hursley War Memorial, new railings, steps and paving around the memorial.

It is essential that you plan carefully before putting pen to paper – your project will be more successful if it is carefully planned.

We need to know the following information:-

  1. Who you are
  2. What you want to do
  3. Why you want to do it and who will benefit
  4. What resources you have and an indication of cost, if known.
  5. How you will sustain the project

If applying for additional funding from other bodies they will require a significant amount of information.

The Links section identifies many bodies that provide environmental improvement funding for a variety of environmental projects in rural areas.

Further Information

For further information please contact the Hampshire Villages Initiative..