Improving towns & villages

Regeneration of Older Urban Areas Initiative Guidelines and Assessment Criteria

The Assessment Criteria indicates those schemes where it is considered that the Regeneration of Older Urban Areas Initiative’s support, either funding, coordination or expertise, will have the greatest impact. 

1. Schemes will be in one of Hampshire’s older urban areas and demonstrate commitment to the Initiative’s aim and objectives;

2. Schemes will provide a consistent approach from strategic planning to detailed design;

3. Schemes will demonstrate commitment to the Initiative’s principles;

4. Schemes will be based on assets (land and buildings) representing stability, continuity, long-term worth and the best use of public money;

5. Schemes will promote the use of traditional and natural materials, and craftsmanship, combined with a contemporary and innovative approach;

6. Schemes will have recognisable value as a 'landmark’, demonstrating the advantages of good practice and delivering clear benefits for the public;

7. Schemes will support the County Council's strategic policy, initiatives and strategies including.

Corporate Strategy                                        Public Services Agreement targets

Urban Living Strategy                                    Local Area Agreements

Aalborg Commitments                                   Local Strategic Partnerships

Hampshire Action Team                                  Climate Change Commission

Local Transport Plan                                    Sustainable Development Strategy

8. Schemes will support local policy, strategies and initiatives.  For example, the Community Plan and Local Development Frameworks.  They will be consistent with a properly established and adopted long-term vision;

9. Schemes will involve the local community and show the potential for benefits to spread to the local surroundings;

10. Schemes will work across public, private and voluntary sectors, and different disciplines, and will encourage partnership working across these areas;

11. Schemes will secure the commitment of other parties to contribute to achievement of the objectives;

12. Schemes will make the best use of all available means of delivery, tap in to new and alternative sources of support, and influence the direction of revenue and capital expenditure; 

13. Schemes undertaken in partnership with district council’s will attract their active commitment to properly resource the project through funding contributions and the support of appropriate staff resources;

14. Schemes will deliver economic, social and environmental benefits delivered in a comprehensive and coordinated way; and

15. Schemes will be supported by a long-term commitment to maintain, manage and develop the investment.