Hampshire Learning Centre

Frequently Asked Questions  

General FAQ's

Who is eligible to attend courses?

  • Any employee of Hampshire County Council, other local authorities or affiliated services and organisations is eligible to attend our courses. Some courses are for a specific department, or based on HCC policy. Please check the course profile for this criteria

Why do some courses have no dates?

  • We are trying to work with departments to determine what courses are required but this is not easy to assess and we have had problems in the past with having to postpone some courses when numbers have dropped below what is viable near to the course. We are trying a different approach on the courses where this sometimes happens so.. please send us your booking information and as soon as we have enough people to set up a course we will contact you directly

Why are there cancellation charges?

  • As with all training providers we can only keep our prices down by ensuring that we always cover our costs. It is impossible to assess whether a course is viable to run if people can just drop in and out. If you cannot attend a course you have booked on please contact your departmental training co-ordinator in the first instance to see if they can find a substitute.

Why do you need my payroll number?

  • Our training booking system is part of SAP, which enables us to record your training activity against your personnel (payroll number). Using your payroll number allows us to accurately record information against your own record.

How do you select venues?

  • As a training provider we aim to run learning events around the county which are accessible to everyone.
  • If you think you may know a venue that would be suitable please let us know – we have some criteria we use to help decide, so have a look at these and let us know if you are aware of anything that fits the bill. Thank you. Further information on venue criteria.

What can I do if there isn't a course to meet my needs?

  • We are skilled in many types of consultancy and facilitation for business / consultation and development. We work with individuals / groups or teams of any size as well as designing organisational interventions. Please contact Hampshire Learning Centre, to discuss your requirements.

Complementary Learning

What is e-Learning?

  • e-Learning (electronic learning) is a broad term where technology is used to deliver training. e-Learning can be delivered via CD-ROMs, the Internet, Intranet, and mobile devices.

What are the benefits of e-Learning?

  • It can be accessed at any time and at any location when the learning is needed.
  • You can dip in and out of the e-Learning and focus on the topics that are of most use to you without having to go through the complete course.
  • Travel to training venues is no longer required, reducing the cost and time of travel.
  • e-Learning can quickly deliver a message, meaning you have access to the latest information and learning resources.
  • A consistent message is given and the content can be referred back to at any time.

How do I access an e-Learning Course?

Could e-Learning get my message across?

  • We are can developing a range of e-Learning courses ranging from 10 minutes to hour long modules.
  • Is there a topic that you would like to raise awareness of?
  • Is there a learning or training need that could be supported with e-Learning?
  • If you have an area where e-Learning could be of use or if you would like to discuss whether e-Learning can help please contact Hampshire Learning Centre.