Hampshire Learning Centre

Hampshire Learning Centre Consultancy Charges - 2014/15 (April 2014 onwards)




Pay by Place Charges

H&S, HSTT Whole day


H&S, HSTT Half day


M&H, OD Whole day


M&H, OD Half day


Daily Rates

Whole day


Half day




IT training whole day


IT training half day



Venue arrangements

£25.00 flat rate

Any pre/post event administration

£4.00 per delegate

(£2.00 for reduced admin)

CAS admin to IBC, not chargeable

Additional Services

Thinking Styles

£45.00 per delegate

Facet 5 Profile

£80.00 per delegate

Verax 360 feedback

£85.00 per delegate

Learning Styles

£10.00 per delegate

Belbin Team Roles

£20.00 per delegate

Room Hire (at our training centre in Winchester)

St Clement 1/2 day


Schools/Ext only

St Clement 1 day


Schools/Ext only

Southgate 1/2 day


Schools/Ext only

Southgate 1 day


Schools/Ext only

Aquitaine 1/2 day


Schools/Ext only

Aquitaine 1day


Schools/Ext only

Refreshments Costs HC3S

Inc Trainer in costs

Please see up to date info on HC3S website*

* Internal site

Mileage/transport (Externals only)

Charge for public transport & over 20miles


Up to 15 copies of a 'standard' handout is included. Other charges levied at cost.