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Booking Procedures

First Aid Courses

Booking Procedures

It is the responsibility of individual managers to ensure that each location for which they are responsible has adequate first aiders with up-to-date certificates. If Managers are unsure of the required number or level of First Aid certificate holders, guidance is available from the Children’s Services Health and Safety Team: email or tel: 01962 876220.

Managers should book the first aid training themselves for their staff directly through St John’s Ambulance. Please note that St John's Ambulance is the corporate recommended training provider for First Aid training and special discounts and insurance arrangements have been negotiated with them.  

People can look for a suitable date and location of training on the St John's website. We recommend that people do NOT use the website to book a place on a course as they will be charged the standard rate and not the reduced rate agreed in the contract. To book a place e-mail St John’s at quoting the Hampshire contract number HS 1916 and the CSD account number which is E-HAMP0247. Course fees will only be paid if the correct paperwork has been received by the CSD Workforce Development Team in advance of the training.

There is a separate process for Foster Carers and Family Link Carers – please see Learning Zone

Pre Course

  1. Manager to discuss and agree attendance on the relevant first aid training course with staff member.

    Manager to book the relevant First Aid course directly with St Johns Ambulance.

  2. Manager to complete and return the Request for Funding form Microsoft Word 40kb to the Children’s Services Workforce Development Team at

  3. If extenuating circumstances lead to the booking dates or venues changing, managers should do this direct with St John’s and inform of the changes.

Post Course

  1. St John’s Ambulance will notify the Children’s Workforce Development Team of attendance or non-attendance after each event. Any non-attendance will be followed up with the manager concerned.
  2. Children’s Services Workforce Development Team will raise payment to St John’s Ambulance.

Certificate Renewal

  1. St John’s Ambulance will send refresher course reminder direct to certificate holder.

Use the St John site to find the most suitable course date and venue, but do NOT book using the St John website as you will not get the contract price. Follow the procedure above to use your department's booking arrangements.

When requesting a place with your department please quote reference HS1916 to make sure you get the correct HCC price.