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Overview of Qualifications and Training on MSS and ESS

This is an overview for what is available. For full work instructions please see the SAP Learning Zone guidance.

Training records are available to all staff via MSS and ESS.

This provides:

  • Access through ESS to staff’s own training and e-learning records

  • Access through MSS for managers to the training and e-learning records of all staff reporting to them in the organisational structure

These pages provide an overview of this function. Currently only the Training section is fully active.

Training Activities

All courses that have been advertised and booked through the Learning Zone and most e-learning courses you have completed are transferred to your SAP personnel record. These are available within a few months of the event. If you find any information missing or incorrect please contact the training provider who supplied the course – they will update the record.

Some older training records that pre-date the Learning Zone may not be available. This depends on whether the provider was using SAP to record their training before they adopted the Learning Zone.

When an e-learning has been completed it will appear as “booked” until the last day of the month when this will change to “complete”. The date completed shown will be the last day of the month in which you undertook the e-learning.


Qualifications cannot currently be added to this section.  It will initially only contain limited information as the process is still being agreed to make sure that this data is accurate (as many qualifications have legal ramifications).

The only qualifications currently held are:

  • Hampshire Fire & Rescue Services use TEM so all of their courses and qualifications will appear in MSS & ESS.

  • Social care qualifications are included.

  • SWF (school workforce census) qualifications onto HR records

For an update on progress with this, please contact your departmental representative.

For an overview please see the links below, or for full guidance refer to the SAP Learning Zone.



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