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Learn.IT model

The Learn.IT blended learning programme engages with learners, managers, trainers, local champions and help desk to deliver an integrated IT skills capability; designed around 3 key outcomes:

  1. Effective Learn.IT modules

  2. Innovative Blended learning options

  3. On-going User-centric feedback.

Learn.IT model

1. Learn.IT

The primary component is Learn.IT’s flexible learning resources. These provide a structured learning path, on-screen checklists that launch and track progress of ‘interactive e-learning modules/tests’ and bite-sized ‘how to guides’. Content can also be accessed via quick links, A-Z index and search. There are links to worked examples, IT policies, tips and FAQ's.

2. Blend

In addition to promoting Learn.IT to individual learners, we blend it with many other activities. Managers introduce staff to Learn.IT for ICT skills (from induction to expert) and can set goals and monitor individual progress and team metrics. Learn.IT material is co-developed with trainers and blended with training activities. Local Champions promote Learn.IT to help local teams acquire knowledge. Help Desk calls feed into FAQ updates.

3. User-centric

Finally, and most critical to success, feedback from usability groups and individual learners is regularly used to assess the effectiveness of Learn.IT and to review new content. This is combined with expert input from content owners and the Help Desk, to share best practices and create new content.



The primary Learn.IT objective is to create a single corporate ICT learning portal.

LIT objectives

The main components of this are:

  • deliver an effective set of ICT learning materials for all staff

  • underpin a blend of learning, training and support activities

  • create web-based guides, manuals, tips and e-learning

  • engage with trainers, local champions and Help Desk.

Barriers to learning

We recognise that there are a number of barriers to learning, including:

  • winning round defensive in-house trainers and subject experts to e-learning

  • building an integrated content and learning management infrastructure

  • overcoming resistance from staff to new ways of learning

  • convincing line managers to promote e-learning as an effective learning tool.

Learn.IT is a proven framework, with hundreds of pages of content that you can blend with training.



Learn.IT has brought about many benefits to Hampshire County Council's workforce.

  • Scalable learning application to meet all business needs.
  • Auto log-in and progress tracking for learners.
  • Integration of content and learning management systems.
  • Devolved content management, templates and workflow.
  • Common learning framework for IT, soft skills and policies.
  • Support new products and upgrades.
  • Supports range of learning styles (self-learning, F2F, PDF guides, coaching).
  • Improving productivity from increased skills.
  • Reduce training costs and associated travel cost and time.
  • Remove local support manuals, save printing costs.
  • Faster time to market, better support for new products.
  • Enhanced levels of customer service.
  • Single point of reference for all ICT skills resources.


Actively used by over 20,000 staff, the LearnIT homepage provides quick links to over 60 topics, news, tips and much more.

Learn.IT homepage


Delivering learning

Resources are presented as web pages that provide structured learning paths (with on-screen progress tracking) and as a comprehensive ICT knowledge base (accessed by quick links, A-Z and search). This enables learners to access pages from any intranet desktop. Print friendly outputs support other learning styles and blended training.

Learn.IT delivers:

  • 'how to’ guides, ‘interactive’ e-learning, tips and faq
  • structured learning paths and a quick reference knowledge base
  • progress tracking to show “where you have been” and “what’s next”
  • management reporting, learning metrics and devolved content management.

Content, presentation and navigation are produced in accordance with the Institute of IT Training’s standards for e-learning materials

Learning styles


Guides present bite-sized chunks of information that can be used as part of a structured learning course, as notes for a training course or as an online manual.

Knowledge base


Tips can be inserted in a guide use a predefined text style. This ensures consistent presentation.

Example of a tip

Tips are also collated and displayed together for each subject.


The Learn.IT guides are integrated with our online IT Policy learning zone. The system uses shared objects enabling a single update to reflect across the sites. Again styles are used for consistency.

Example of a piece of policy


FAQ's are updated by the helpdesk and local champions to proved a quick answer to common problems, questions and workarounds. They are divided up by application / topic.

Example of FAQs


Learn.IT tracks the guide pages and interactive modules viewed by storing each learner’s progress in an SQL database, integrated with the LMS.


There are checklists for guides and interactive courses to provide learners with a structured path and quick links to topics. Checklists also show which topics are Completed Completed topic symbol, Started Symbol for 'started' topic or Not Started Symbol for topic 'not started' and are automatically updated, for example:

Example of checklist

My Progress

Summarises the subjects you have started and the overall progress, like this:

Example of 'My progress'


Custom management reports are delivered as a web page of site metrics.


Learn.IT resources


Learn.IT has guide materials covering a wide variety of subjects including:

  • Office 2010
    - Word
    - Excel
    - PowerPoint
    - Outlook
    - Outlook Web Access (OWA)
    - Sharepoint

  • Using My Computer
    - PC Skills
    - Accessibility Needs
    - Windows
    - Work Life Balance
    - IT Security
    - Health and Safety

  • Hantsnet
    - Passport
    - Password Manager

  • HantsFile

  • Flexible IT

  • IT Induction

  • Web Publishing System (WPS)

  • HantsMap Pro - GIS

  • Heat - Call Logging System

  • Helpdesk Shadowing tool

  • Using the Internet

  • Printing guidance.


Frequently asked questions are monitored by the Help Desk and updated as and when necessary, helping to organically grow Learn.IT to meet the needs of the users.


Tips are displayed within guides to show advanced or quicker ways of performing tasks. Each topic or application has its own tips page where all the relevant tips are pulled together.


Learn.IT has in-house authored interactive tutorials on for HantsFile.