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Learn.ITLearn.IT portal homepage

The Learn.IT portal delivers news updates, quick links, content search, tips and personal tracking.

Learn.IT homepage

Topic homepages (eg MS Word)

There are over 60 topics in Learn.IT and each one has a topic homepage, with quick links to a range of content.

This example shows Word 2010, with links to the checklist, guides, tips and training options.

Word 2010



Each module has a checklist to provide the learner with a helpful index.

Progress is shown at each step, with checkboxes for each guide page and a summary guide progress.

Word 2010 checklist



Tabs are used to provide easy and logical navigation through each section of the checklist.

Each tab displays a 'bite-sized' learning chunk with screenshots and tips.

Word guide page


10 Things

A collection of tips focussing on one topic, with a new one each month.

10 Things


NewsLearn.IT News

Issued each month, Learn.IT News focuses on Learn.IT content to help staff get more from their IT systems.

Learn.IT News



Evidence of the success and growth of Learn.IT usage can be found from these statistics (see also Feedback tab for user endorsements).

Statistics as at 2014