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Click on the tabs below for information about the main Learn.IT intranet site.

IntranetIntranet homepage

Learn.IT (Hampshire's ICT e-learning portal) is the most visited site on our intranet.

Hantsnet home page


Learn.ITLearn.IT portal homepage

The Learn.IT portal delivers news updates, quick links, content search, tips and personal tracking.

Learn.IT Homepage

Topic homepages (eg MS Word)

There are over 70 topics in Learn.IT and each one has a topic homepage, with quick links to a range of content.  This example shows MS Word 2003 - links to checklist, guides, tips, faqs, interactive e-learning and link to F2F training options.

Word 'homepage'



Each module has a checklist to provide the learner with a helpful index and progress is shown at each step by a checkbox for each topic and summary guide progress.

Application checklist



Tabs are used to provide easy and logical navigation through each section of the checklist, each tab displays a 'bite-sized' learning chunk with screenshots and tips.

Example of tabbed layout



Effective ICT learning involves gaining knowledge by trying things out and this is where we use tips.

Learn.IT has thousands of tips, embedded in guide pages (with an anchor so that we can link directly to the tip 'in context').

There is an index of tips in each topic and 'tip' of the day is displayed on the intranet (Hantsnet), IT and Learn.IT homepages - it's one of our most popular features.

It's also a great we of sharing ideas and best practice - our feedback form invites tips from learners and subject champions, if they say yes on the form, we display their name.

We also have a monthly 'super tip' called "10 things about ..." (see next tab).


10 Things

Example of 10 things


NewsLearn.IT News

Learn.IT News



Evidence of the success and growth of Learn.IT usage can be found from these statistics (see also Feedback tab for user endorsements).

Average page views by year

Total learners by year

Msot popular topics



The most important measure of success is the feedback from our customers.





Help Desk

“The Learn.IT on-line Induction is very useful, it has helped me to learn new skills for my job"

"I've set aside time each week to use Learn.IT and have recommended it to all my colleagues"

"Here's how I use the right mouse button to get things done quickly, please add it to Tip of the Day"

“The new ‘FIT’ Flexible IT laminated cards from Learn.IT are fun to use, with links to the Learn.IT site for more help"

“Learn.IT helps me raise my team's skills and get the best from our IT”

“It supports the launch of our new  systems and upgrades, everybody is quickly up to speed”

“Learn.IT provides excellent blended support to our training courses”

“We can quickly add work instructions and share best practice”

“It's easy to build our own Learn.IT site on the main portal”

"Learn.IT has significantly improved the way we explain how new systems work and how to use them in the best way"

“New password rules quickly understood very few calls to help desk"

"Learn.IT helps us answer calls and we can point callers straight to topics to work things out”

"As FAQs arise, we add them to Learn.IT"