Hantsnet Pages Anywhere Support and FAQs



IT services cannot provide support for all of the devices which you may use to access Hantsnet Pages with Hantsnet Pages Anywhere - you are responsible for the stable running of any devices.

We do however endeavor to make Hantsnet Pages Anywhere compatible with as many devices, operating systems and browsers as possible. The following have been tested:

  • Windows - Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP running Internet Explorer 6 and 7
  • Firefox
  • Hantsnet Mobile PDA and other PDA's running local browser
  • Macs running Safari.

Any problems?

If you do have a problem that needs reporting please contact the IT Service Desk:

  • Tel: 01962 847000 (HCC & Partners)
  • Tel: 01962 847007 (Schools)


Question I can't log in to Hantsnet Pages Anywhere.  What's wrong?

Answer If you entered your password incorrectly 3 times, your account will be automatically locked. Try again the following day when the account will be unlocked. If you are not sure you are using the correct password, or even the correct user ID, use the links on the 'Manage Your Account' page, available from the 'Hantsnet Pages Anywhere' page, to retrieve your account details.

Question What happens if I access a page which isn't permitted?

Answer Not all parts of Hantsnet Pages are available over Hantsnet pages Anywhere. If you select a page which is not permitted your browser will display a message headed:

The requested URL could not be retrieved--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

For HCC staff, permitted addresses must start with one of the following addresses:

Access to areas of the intranet for staff from partner organisations is typically more limited but is expected to increase.

Question Why can't I see ESS?

Answer ESS is not part of Hantsnet Pages. It may look like it's part of Hantsnet because it's displayed in your browser, but it is actually part of the SAP system.

Question How can I get pages added to Hantsnet Pages Anywhere?

Answer For more pages to be made available through Hantsnet Pages Anywhere considerations such as sensitivity of the information and licensing costs must be made.  For these reasons, requests for new pages must come from department IT Clients to their respective plan managers.  Therefore, please contact your department IT Client to request new pages.

Question I was using Hantsnet Pages Anywhere but I've had to log in again - why?

Answer If you do not use Hantsnet Pages Anywhere for 15 minutes, the next time a page is requested by selecting a link, you will need to authenticate again. This is to reduce the chance of your ID being used to access pages on public devices.

Question I know I have to log in to use Hantsnet Pages Anywhere but how do I log out?

Answer To log out of Hantsnet Pages Anywhere you must close the browser so that information stored temporarily on your machine is deleted and cannot be used by anyone else on the same machine.

Question When I select a link on a page to open a document, my computer is unable to open it. How can I open the document?

Answer Hantsnet Pages Anywhere is primarily intended for viewing Hantsnet intranet pages. However, you will be able to view (not edit) HantsFile documents and also may be able to view links to other documents if your PC, laptop or mobile device has the capacity to view the document type you are trying to open and you have a full Hantsnet account (please note  IT Services is not able to provide any support for devices, such as PC's or PDA's, to access Hantsnet Pages Anywhere, this includes ensuring that software to open documents from Hantsnet Pages is installed on your device).

There are, however, freely available readers for most file types - click on the links to download readers for:

If you need to be able to access and work on documents from home, you will have to purchase Hantsnet Passport in order to do this

Question If I select Print from my browser, where will the document print out?

Answer It will print to the printer connected to that computer. When using Hantsnet Pages Anywhere at home, it will print to your home printer.

Question If I'm logged on to Outlook Web Access (OWA) will I also need to log separately into Hantsnet Pages Anywhere?

Answer Yes, you will need to log into Hantsnet Pages Anywhere (HPA) in addition to OWA, but once you are logged into HPA you can browse around the pages as you would normally.

Question Is Hantsnet Pages Anywhere secure? I'm worried that sensitive information could be obtained if I use it.

Answer Hantsnet Pages Anywhere uses a secure protocol for transferring information across the internet. This is a standard approach and means all data is encrypted and cannot be "sniffed" (ie your data cannot be seen by a third party).

However, as a Hantsnet Pages Anywhere user you are responsible for ensuring that security is maintained:

  • make sure that the PC or device you are using to access Hantsnet Pages Anywhere is virus free (viruses such as keystroke loggers can record what is typed and send this to virus authors, this could include your username and password.
  • when you finish using Hantsnet Pages Anywhere always close the browser that you have used to view Hantsnet Pages over the internet - this ensures that temporary information used by the browser is not available to anyone else, this is particularly important when using a public PC such as in a library or Internet cafe.

Question Who can use Hantsnet Pages Anywhere and how is it funded?

Answer Anyone with a Hantsnet, OWL or HantsFire account can view Hantsnet Pages with Hantsnet Pages Anywhere.

Hantsnet Pages Anywhere is an added value service to Hantsnet and is funded through the Hantsnet Access programme of work, supporting many of the Transforming through Technology themes such as Flexible Working. In the next phase the service is to extend to Partnership Working. This will require funding from each department wishing to use the service.

Question Will Hantsnet Pages Anywhere give me access to my department's secure area eg. the Education intranet?

Answer No.

Question I think Hantsnet Pages Anywhere could be even more useful - what are the plans for the future?

Answer There is a development plan for the service and the business will be consulted on the details. It is hoped that Hantsnet Pages Anywhere is the beginning of a method to deliver web based applications to staff and partner organisations. However, security is a critical feature in this development and these plans will only proceed if security risks are deemed acceptable by the business.