Hantsnet Pages Anywhere Using Hantsnet Pages Anywhere


Man in a field

Use Hantsnet Pages Anywhere when you want to:

  • see staff news from a hand-held computer in the field
  • update your computer skills using Learn.IT pages from your home PC
  • follow a link to Hantsnet Pages that someone has sent you in an OWA email
  • view a HantsFile document* that's linked to on a Hantsnet page.

Learn.IT Anywhere

You can use Hantsnet Pages Anywhere to access Learn.IT from home - see the 'Personalised pages' tab for information about displaying your personal Learn.IT tracking.

* This will only work if your PC, laptop or mobile device has the capacity to view the document type you are trying to open (eg the iPhone cannot open MS Visio or MS Project documents) and you have a full Hantsnet account. This currently does not work when using HCC wifi access.


Log in

Log in

You can use Hantsnet Pages Anywhere from any PC or other device which is connected to the internet (you should not be using HPSN or Connect).

  1. Simply go to https://Anywhere.hants.gov.uk

  2. Enter your username and password on the log in form

  3. Click OK.

Once you have been authenticated, you can browse around pages as you normally would:  You will be able to view all pages under the following top level addresses:

There are a number of areas you cannot currently use, for example Employee Self Service (ESS) or other web applications.

Hantsnet Pages Anywhere is particularly useful when combined with viewing email with OWA/OWL and when on the move with a Hantsnet Mobile PDA.

Accessing Hantsnet Pages Anywhere from a link

You can also enter Hantsnet Pages Anywhere by selecting a link, perhaps one sent to you in an email and which you are viewing with OWA/OWL or a stored favourite link or bookmark.  When you click on a link, you will be prompted to log in to Hantsnet Pages Anywhere, just enter your username and password.

Time out

If you do not use Hantsnet Pages Anywhere for 15 minutes, the next time a page is requested by selecting a link, you will need to authenticate again. This is to reduce the chance of your ID being used to access pages on public devices.

Log out

When you have finished, you must log out by closing all open browsers. This ensures no one else can use Hantsnet Pages Anywhere on the same device using your ID.




Hantsnet Pages Anywhere uses a secure protocol for transferring information across the internet. This is a standard approach and means all data is encrypted and cannot be seen by a third party.

Your password

Please take care when entering your password - three incorrect login attempts will lock your account and you will not be able to login to Hantsnet Pages Anywhere or any other Hantsnet system.

Hantsnet passwords can only be unlocked if you phone IT Help Desk or if you have access to Hantsnet you can use Password Manager to unlock your password.

Your responsibilities

As a Hantsnet Pages Anywhere user you must ensure that security is maintained:

  • make sure the PC or other device you are using is virus free (viruses such as keystroke loggers can record what is typed and send this to virus authors. This could include your username and password)

  • when you finish using Hantsnet Pages Anywhere you must log out by closing the browser that you have used to view Hantsnet Pages over the internet. This ensures that temporary information used by the browser is not available to anyone else. This is particularly important when using a publicly available PC in places like a library or an Internet cafe.