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Working at home - with flexible IT

In the winter months, severe weather can hamper travel to work and require many more people to work from home.

If you're stuck at home, find out what your options are for accessing email, calendar, Hantsnet pages, applications and documents.

Email & calendar

Work with documents

Monitor and calendar
  • Everyone with a Hantsnet ID and token can use OWA to:

    • read/send emails

    • view/update their calendar

    • put on 'out of office'

  • HantsConnect/Passport users can access all Outlook functionality with HantsConnect and Passport.

  • Smartphone users can register to receive work emails and view their calendar on their personal smartphone.

  • Everyone can view

    • MS office files linked from emails (if you have office software)

    • HantsFile document links in emails or Hantsnet pages.

  • HantsConnect/Passport users can access and edit I and F drive documents with HantsConnect and Passport.

View Hantsnet web pages

Hantsnet applications

View Hantsnet webpages

  • HantsConnect/Passport users can use HantsConnect and Passport to access

    • Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint

    • any applications accessed through Hantsnet.

Also, don't forget....

  • Many people take the security of the Council’s IT systems for granted, but you could be the weak link if you access our systems from a home pc without the right security on your device - check out our IT security information.

  • You should not work on documents on your device which are confidential or contain personal data unless you are accessing them through HantsConnect or Passport.

  • If you manage staff and need to contact them, and have access to the IBC Portal, you can find out all of their contact details in one simple summary screen.

Light bulb Tip: Send yourself an email home with a link to this page and save it as a favorite on your home pc!