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Install Citrix

You will only be able to install Citrix if:

  • you have Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2003 or 2008 on your computer
  • you have Internet Explorer 32 bit installed - see Internet Explorer if you are unsure how check you have this and which version you have
  • you are not already logged into Hantsnet with Passport.

You do not need to delete old versions of Citrix before upgrading.

  1. Open Internet Explorer
    NB. If you have two versions of Internet Explorer installed, do not use Internet Explorer (64-bit), make sure you open the 32-bit version, displayed as Internet Explorer (see below)
    Chose the right version of Internet Explorer

  2. Go to http://receiver.citrix.com/

  3. Click Download Receiver for Windows
    Download Citrix

  4. A new screen will open, when you are asked if you want to run or save this file, click Run

  5. Click Yes to allow changes to your computer and to confirm you trust this account, Citrix will now install

  6. A screen will be displayed which asks you to Enter your work email or server address, do not enter anything in this field, just click Cancel
    Citrix Receiver message

  7. Close down your Internet Explorer browser then open it again and try logging into Passport.

Check for Citrix

  1. Right click Start in the bottom left of your screen

  2. Click Explorer

  3. In the folders listed, find My Computer

  4. Under this folder (in the 'C' directory) find Program Files

  5. Check to see if Citrix is listed, if it isn't, then follow the instructions above to install.

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