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Personal smartphones

Staff with a compatible* personal smartphone can request access to the Mobile phone service to connect to their work email, contacts and calendar 'on the move'.

A new method of connecting smartphones is currently being rolled out. If you have received an email regarding the Good for Enterprise app, or are currently using the app, see the separate guidance on Good for Enterprise.

[* See Which phones work? - for further guidance please contact your handset or phone service provider.]


Woman using smartphone

You will need to have a personal smartphone and contract for call and data charges - there is no additional service charge to connect to the Hantsnet Mobile Service for you or your department.

To use this service you need to sign up to our 'Acceptable use' policy’ and be approved by your line manager.

Users will not be reimbursed for any data charges incurred. If you are in doubt about the amount of data you can download please contact your network operator.

What is the mobile service?

This enables staff, following set up, to connect certain smartphones (see Which phones work? tab) to their work:

  • email - read, reply and write Outlook email messages
  • calendar - view your office calendar, add and accept appointments
  • contacts - access office contacts
  • tasks - view and edit tasks (certain phones only).

Getting connected

You will need to complete an application form to receive the details to enable you to download and set up the 'Good for Enterprise' app on your mobile phone or mobile device, this will enable you to connect to the Council's systems.

This connection keeps your mobile phone up to date with your mailbox and calendar through a process known as synchronisation.

See the How to get access tab for more information.

Phone settings

Each phone will have a slightly different set of screens, but they all require you to enter certain connection settings, details will be sent to you by email after you have signed up to the mobile use policy.

See the Phone settings tab for more information - your phone provider should be able to assist with set up.


Which phones work?

Nokia E71

Many different smartphones can synchronize with Microsoft Exchange. These mobile phones can run operating systems such as Apple iOS, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm, or Nokia. Look for phrases such as ‘Exchange compatible’ or 'Microsoft ActiveSync compliant’ etc.

Given the huge range of smartphone handsets, we are only able to supply a list of manufacturers who have compatible smartphones.


Your phone must have certain minimum security settings, (see the Security tab) eg it must auto-lock and require a PIN code to gain access. It is preferable that your device can be remotely wipeable, or that it will self-wipe if the PIN code is entered unsuccessfully after 10 attempts.

Compatible manufacturers/systems

Phones that are compatible with Microsoft Exchange include the following:

  • Apple iPhone

  • Android - settings differ slightly depending on the model of phone

  • Nokia - on their Eseries mobile phones

  • Palm - using Windows Mobile or the new Palm OS

  • Motorola - on newer smartphones

  • Symbian - open standard operating system for mobile telephones

  • Sony Ericsson - on several of their newer smartphones

For further guidance please contact your handset or phone service provider.

You cannot use an intermediate service ie services where you have to enter you username, password or server detail anywhere other than in the smartphone setup screens.


How to get access

Key to open door

This service is not chargeable, but is subject to approval by your manager.

Before you apply for this service, make sure you have:

  • a Hantsnet or OWL email account
  • an Exchange compatible device (see the Which phones work? tab).

Step 1 - Apply for the service

Hantsnet users

  1. Go to the Purchasing tab in the Service Catalogue (this link is only available to Hantsnet users)

  2. Click on the Accept user policy button

  3. Complete the details in the form, carefully read the criteria listed (only tick the box if you are able to comply with this) and click the green arrow

  4. The request is sent to your manager for approval.


Before you can join this service, you will need to complete an application form and sign up to Hampshire County Council’s mobile phone user policy. This has to be endorsed by your Headteacher. Your device must also autolock and require a PIN code to gain access.

  1. Make sure you read and understood the details of the service on the 'Introduction', 'Which phones work?' and 'Security' tabs.

  2. If you are happy to abide by the policy, complete the schools request form.

Step 2 - Access is agreed

When your request is approved an email will be sent to you which contains details of the settings you will need to enter into your phone.

Step 3 - Update security on your phone

Before you can start using your phone to view Outlook mail and calendar you must update security settings on your phone to comply with the criteria you agreed to when you applied for the service. See the Security tab for more information.

Step 4 - Set up your phone

You can now set up your phone to synchronize with Microsoft Exchange. See the Phone settings tab for more information.



Padlock and key

When you apply to use this service you agree to the following security rules - make sure you follow them!

  • Set up a password or passcode to access the device.

  • Update settings so that your phone auto-locks within 10 minutes of inactivity.

  • Never give your username, password or any of the server connection information to anyone including other staff or IT support teams.
    (IT will never ask for this information. This information must never be entered anywhere other than your device local setup.)

  • If your device is lost or stolen you must provide full and prompt details to Hampshire County Council IT Helpdesk.
    (HCC cannot be held responsible for any loss of data if they are required to initiate a remote wipe due to a device being lost or stolen).

  • If you change your handset, phone number or phone contract you will need to advise HCC with updated information by completing the application form again.

  • Devices must synchronise directly with the corporate email system with no access through third party systems or applications.
    You should not have to enter your username, password or server details anywhere other than in your phone's set up screens (this includes any web pages you may encounter on the phone).

You will need to consult your user manual or contact your provider for information on setting up a password or passcode to access your device and setting up 'auto-lock' (if you have an iPhone, see separate guidance on security).

Warning Remember that you are responsible for the data on your device if it is lost or stolen.


Set up

Setting up a phone

Each phone will have a slightly different set of screens, but they all require you to enter certain connection settings.

The information that you need for your phone settings will be emailed to you when your request for this service has been accepted (see the How to get access tab).

See information below on how to set up the more common smartphones. If you need help, your phone provider should be able to assist.

Apple iPhone ¦ Android ¦ Nokia | Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0 phone | Palm Pre | Sony Ericsson | HTC Desire

Apple iPhone

  1. If this is the first e-mail account on your iPhone, tap Mail. Otherwise, tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account.

  2. Tap Exchange.

  3. Tap in the Email box and type your full email address (for example,

  4. Tap in the Password box and type your Hantsnet password.

  5. In the Description box you can type in a short description for the account ie 'work account'.

  6. Tap Next on the upper right corner of the screen.

  7. Tap in the Server box and enter the server name (as shown in the email you've received)

  8. Tap on the Domain box and enter the domain name (as shown in the email you've received)

  9. Tap in the Username box and enter your Hantsnet ID.

  10. Tap Next.

  11. Choose the type of information you want to synchronize (tap on Mail, Calendar, and Contacts to turn on or off).

  12. Tap Done.

  13. If you're prompted to create a new passcode, tap Continue and enter a numeric passcode. You'll need to enter the passcode twice.

See the separate guidance for more information on iPhone settings.


These are the standard settings for Android devices but because there are so many models of phones, where you configure the settings will differ.

  1. Go to Settings and Accounts.

  2. Select Add Account and then Corporate.

  3. Enter your settings, these will be your Hantsnet email address (username) and password.

  4. Select Manual Setup and then choose Exchange.

  5. Enter the following information
    - Domain: enter the domain name as shown in the email you've received
    - Username: enter your Hantsnet ID
    - Server: enter the server name as shown in the email you've received.

  6. Ensure that Use secure connection (SSL) is selected

  7. Click Next.

Please contact your mobile phone provider if you need further assistance.


Before you start, download the latest version of Mail for Exchange from the Nokia website (Ovi Store) and install it on your phone (not all models have it installed by default and those that do may have an out-of-date version).

  1. Highlight and select Set up e-mail on your home screen.

  2. Select Start e-mail setup from the menu that appears.

  3. Select Start to begin entering the information for your e-mail account

  4. The setup wizard will need to access the network in order to complete your email configuration - this may involve some data transfer charges, select Yes, to allow the wizard to access to network, if question has been displayed and wait for a network connection.

  5. Enter your Hantsnet Email address and select OK.

  6. Select Corporate in Type of email.

  7. Select Mail for Exchange, if the question is displayed.

  8. Next the wizard will ask for details of email settings:
    - Domain, enter the domain name as shown in the email you've received
    - User name, your Hantsnet ID
    - Password, your Hantsnet password
    - Server, enter the server name as shown in the email you've received
    - Secure Login select on.

  9. Select Next.

  10. Select either Email Only or Email and Data (Email and Data means Email, Calendar, Contacts and To-Do will be synchronised with your Hantsnet account, this can be changed later if required in Menu > Email > Settings).

  11. If you selected Email and Data in step 9, select either Merge or Replace for question regarding how to synchronise (to get more info check Help).

  12. When Email complete is displayed, select OK.

  13. Your work emails are now available to view on your phone - you may be asked to change the lock code after you connect for the first time, the default lock code is 12345, a new lock code is requested at the defined intervals).

For more information, see

Windows Mobile 7.0

  1. Click Start.

  2. Go to the App list and tap Settings then Email + accounts.

  3. Tap Add an account > Outlook.

  4. Tap the Email address box and type in your work email address ie

  5. Tap the Password box, then type in your Hantsnet password.

  6. Tap Sign in, on the Outlook screen, enter the following information:
    - Email address, your work email address ie
    - Password, your Hantsnet password
    - Username, your Hantsnet ID
    - Domain, enter the domain name as shown in the email you've received.

  7. Tap Advanced and then the Server Address box and type in the server address as shown in the email you've received

  8. Tap Show all settings, and make sure that This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection is selected.

  9. If the New password needed message appears after a few moments, tap Set and then the New password box and enter a password that meets the security requirements, tap the Confirm password box and type the same password.

  10. Select the check box next to each kind of information you want to synchronize with and then click Done.

Palm Pre

  1. Tap the Email icon on the Quick Launch.

    Note: If you have already set up an email account and want to add another one, tap the Email applications menu > Preferences & Accounts > Scroll Down > Add an Account, before following these instructions.

  2. Enter in the your work email address ie

  3. Tap the Password field and type in your Hantsnet password.

  4. Tap Sign In.

  5. Tap the MAIL TYPE field then tap Exchange (EAS).

  6. Check the information in the other fields and change the info as needed, in particular the Domain and Server information which should be as shown in the email you've received.

  7. Once the information is complete, tap Sign In.

  8. Once setup is complete, you can exit the application by first pressing the Center button.

  9. Throw the card off the top of the screen, to close the application.

Sony Ericsson

To set up your account (flip open)

  1. Select Tools > Exchange ActiveSync.

  2. Select Next.

  3. Enter the following information:

    User Name – your Hantsnet ID
    Password – your Hantsnet password
    Server Name – enter the server name as shown in the email you've received
    Domain –enter the domain name as shown in the email you've received
    Use SSL – make sure this is selected.

  4. Select Verify settings to ensure that you can successfully connect to the Exchange Server.

  5. A message appears requesting permission to access your data network. If you are going to use Direct Push it is recommended that you select Always.

  6. The next screen recommends you turn off the calendar, contacts, and email synchronization categories of the Sony Ericsson PC Suite while using Exchange ActiveSync, this is to avoid duplication of synchronized items, select Next.

  7. Choose how you would like to synchronize your Exchange Server data with your phone data:
    Overwrite (recommended) – contacts and calendar information will be removed from the phone and your Exchange Server data is transferred to the phone
    Merge – contacts and calendar information in your phone is merged with your  Exchange Server data. This may cause duplicates.

  8. Select Next.

  9. A warning that Exchange ActiveSync will remove your phone data or merge your data appears, depending on the choice you made, select Yes to confirm.

HTC Desire

  1. From the home screen, press MENU, and then tap Settings > Accounts & sync

  2. Tap Add account > Exchange ActiveSync

  3. Enter the Exchange ActiveSync account details using your Hantsnet ID (Username) Hantsnet password (Password) and tap Next

  4. Refer to the email you were sent and type in Domain and Server information, and then tap Next.

  5. Select the types of information you want to synchronize, and then tap Finish setup.

For more information see