Getting Started

What do I need?

What do I need?

This service provides wireless hotspots that allow Hantsnet users with Hantsnet Laptops to connect wirelessly to Hantsnet and the Internet.

Before you order Hantsnet Wireless, you will need to check that you have the following:

  • Hantsnet user account
  • Hantsnet Laptop running Windows XP (all Hantsnet Laptops are configured for Hantsnet Wireless)
  • Hantsnet Wireless Hotspot nearby.

Hantsnet Wireless Hotspot

You can find Hantsnet Wireless Hotspots in several Hampshire County Council offices. If you don’t have a Hotspot nearby, you can order one.  Please check the Service Catalogue in Hantsnet  for details (you will only be able to access these pages if you are logged in to Hantsnet).


Before you start

Traffic lights

When you order a Hantsnet laptop or PDA it will be enabled for wireless use.

If you have a Hantsnet laptop or PDA that is not enabled, please see the service catalogue for help with ordering this.

Now you're ready to start......

Work through these Learn.IT pages and use them to assist you in logging on to Hantsnet Wireless.




If you have a problems accessing Hantsnet Wireless, first try the troubleshooting guide.

If you still unable to resolve your issue, contact the Help Desk - see the Help page for contact details and the information you need to give to the support staff.

Hantsnet wireless is provided over managed equipment, because of this IT Services provide full support with site visits to rectify problems if required.

Hantsnet Hotspots

IT Services will check daily that all Hantsnet Hotspots are up and running.

If a Hotspot is down, they will try restarting it. If this is not successful, they will contact someone located near to the Hotspot and ask them to check the Hotspot:

  • for a pulsing blue light
  • if no lights are displayed, check the cable going into the Hotspot
  • if other lights are displayed, they will take the details and investigate further

A wireless hotspot

Out of hours support

This service is not supported out of hours




If you have problems logging onto Hantsnet Wireless, and can’t find the answer in following pages or the troubleshooting guide, please contact the Help Desk.

Telephone Phone: 01962 847000 - use for all urgent issues

E-mail Email: ithelp@hants.gov.uk - use for lower priority issues

When you contact the help desk you will be asked a number of questions - please have the following information ready to give to the person you talk to:

  • Your asset number
  • Your Hantsnet ID
  • The nature of the problem (have you checked the troubleshooting guide?)