Havant BC Learn.IT - Havant BC Staff working away from the office

Woman working at home

Welcome Havant staff to Learn.IT for home and remote working.

The topics on the left hand menu will help you with:
  • how to access and use IT from home
  • best practices for home and mobile working with IT.
NB Havant staff cannot currently use the Hantsnet Pages Anywhere facility.

Hantsnet Office Applications

We have a separate Learn.IT site on Hantsnet with a wide range of e-learning courses, getting started guides and tips for Office Applications.

You can access this using Hantsnet Passport (see link on right).

Log in now

Havant staff can use the links on the right to log in to OWA or Hantsnet Passport.

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Outlook Web Access

For access to email and calendar

Hantsnet Passport

For access to Hantsnet applications, Learn.IT for office apps and to Holli intranet