The aim of the Alliance is to celebrate and support LGBT employees and communities across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

The Alliance also organises Hampshire Pride and other local LGBT+ events.

Who we are

The alliance is made up of partners and members. The partners support the members by creating a platform for shared ideas and events.

What we do


We have a wide variety of groups from across Hampshire, The Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton.

There are two main types of group, the support group which might be set up for a specific age group or type of person and the activity group e.g. reading groups, choirs or rugby etc.,  If you have a group that is not mentioned and you feel is of particular interest to members of the LGBT Alliance then please feel free to submit your request to be added to the list.


The Alliance hosts a small number of events, these include; The LGBT convention and Hampshire Pride.


The Alliance is a partnership of equals. No one partner or member is of greater value than the other.

Partners and members will seek to make their events and societies truly accessible and welcoming across all diverse peoples within the parameters of their projects.

The Alliance seeks to impact our local communities by

  • increasing visibility of LGBT+ peoples
  • creating opportunities for supporters and communities to engage in activities
  • offering this web-site to be populated with the groups and events by members themselves