Overdrive Digital Library - The Next Generation Experience

On 1 August 1 we will be upgrading to Overdrive's 'next generation' eBook platform.

The new platform includes:

  • a much improved search facility which will allow you to find the titles you want much more easily;

  • a streamlined checkout process

  • a brand new service called Overdrive Read, a one click, 'see book, read book', browser based reading experience.

Overdrive Read allows you to easily access the eBook or eAudiobook that you want on any PC or mobile device. All you will need to do is find the item you want then click on it to read it in your browser. You can add the title to your favorites for easier access at a later date. The item will be available for you to read online or offline until the loan period expires.

You can access a basic version of Overdrive Read via any version of IE7 or later. However, to make best use of the system you need to either download a Google chrome plug-in to support IE7, 8 or 9, or use IE10, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Find out more about the new service by watching this three minute film.