A Taste of Britain

Marcus Wareing - How to cook the perfect…
A great first cookbook for those getting started or for many of us who think we know what to do but find that we could do with a little help. There are all the essential recipes such as roasts, soups and scrambled eggs plus an “all is not lost” section if you need to recover a disaster.

Laura Mason - Taste of Britain
A book to savour and dip into as you read the fascinating background stories behind some of our best known dishes and food items. It’s a foodie’s paradise.

What’s really in a haggis? What’s an Arbroath Smokie? Or a Sally Lunn?...and have you heard of an Isle of Wight doughnut?

Michael Van Straten - Super duper juice: juicing for health and healing
One of the best books on juicing was Van Straten’s Superjuice and this follow up is just as good. The recipes combine ingredients for particular health benefits whilst also remembering that they need to taste great.

James Martin - Great British village show cookbook
Go behind the scenes of the "Great British Village" show with Saturday Kitchen’s James Martin and uncover prize-winning recipes. From starters and mains to jams and preserves you can follow over 100 original recipes and prepare delicious meals. Also pick up judges tips on growing great-tasting fruit and vegetables.

Fiona Beckett - Sausage and mash
I couldn’t resist a book on one of the ultimate comfort foods. You wouldn’t have thought there were that many options when it comes to cooking sausages but this book gives you them… sausages with mash, sausages with pasta, sausages with just about every combination going.

Mark Hix - British regional food
This is a cook’s tour of Britain with Hix meeting and cooking with some of our finest chefs. It’s a celebration of local and regional dishes and a reminder of what treasures we have in our cooking heritage. You’ll want to try some of the regional specialities yourself although I’m giving “Cow heel and black peas” a miss!

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