Give a Bird a Home

Attracting Wildlife to your garden  - John A. Burton & David Tipling
This Wildlife Trusts book has a detailed directory of over 140 garden species. It aids identification and offers guidelines on the habitat, food, shelter, nesting & roosting requirements of each species – for all levels of wildlife gardener

The Bird Friendly Garden : a practical month-by-month guide to attracting birds to your garden – Stephen Moss
A month by month guide to the birds you are most likely to see in your garden - it tells you what you should do each month to make your garden as bird-friendly as possible. There are tips on the best ways to provide food and equipment, shelter and water , how to protect birds from predators and pests ,what food and equipment to use and what plants to grow to attract certain species.

The BTO/CJ  Garden BirdWatch Book – Mike Toms
Information on how birds use gardens is gathered by many thousands of volunteers who participate in the Garden BirdWatch project – this book presents new information gleaned from the first eight years of the project.  Find out why species visit gardens at specific times of year, how birds use different types of gardens and which foods to provide.

The BTO Nest box Guide – Chris du Feu
Which direction should nest boxes face?How high should I site my nest box?How large should I make the entrance hole?Should I use wood preservative on my nest box?How close should nest boxes be placed?
This book will answer all these questions and many more.  Whether you want to build your own nest box or buy them ready-made it tells you all you need to know to construct nest boxes for 24  species.

The Garden Bird Book -  Sarah Whittley
Shows you how to recognise over 70 different species, what food to put out for birds and where to locate feeders and nest boxes.  Published with the British Trust for Ornithology

The Garden Bird Handbook -  Stephen Moss
Appeals to wildlife gardeners as well as birdwatchers – how to make your garden bird-friendly , from bird feeders to nest boxes and ponds to plants.Lots on behaviour, flocking, courtship, nesting and more….

Identifying Birds by behaviour -  Dominic Couzens
This beautifully illustrated field guide allows you to identify birds by the way they fly, feed and flock – covers Britain & Northern Europe.

Bill Oddie’s introduction to Birdwatching
A comprehensive guide for the birdwatching novice.- an good alternative to having him with you!

RSPB Birds of Britain & Europe -  Rob Hume
Features every bird found in Britain and Europe – includes new images and species changes. The definitive field guide with highest quality photography.

The Wildlife Friendly Garden -  Michael Chinery
Shows you how to create a wildflower meadow , make wildlife ponds, build bat boxes and bird tables, identify species, signs & tracks and how to care for wildlife in trouble.

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