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Hazard information for schools visits to the Mezzanine and Gosport Gallery

Your session leader will highlight potential hazards during your pre-visit and during the introduction with the children at the start of your session.

We have first aiders on site. The Museum on the Mezzanine and Gosport Gallery at the Gosport Discovery Centre are a Hampshire County Council facility and therefore operate within the County’s rigorous Health and Safety policy.

When compiling your risk assessment for your visit to us, it is important that you please consider the following points:

  • The Museum on the Mezzanine and Gallery will remain open to the general public during your visit. This means that unsupervised members of the public could be in the area where your school group is working. Please ensure your children are organised into groups and remain with an adult supervisor with them at all times, and that children have been made aware that they must stay in their groups and not wander off. We recommend a ratio of 1 adult to a minimum of 7 children with a minimum of 4 adults per session.
  • Be aware of trip and slip hazards e.g. steps, slippery floors. Access to the Mezzanine is by stair (there are lifts for those with access difficulties). Please remind children not to run around and take care on steps, carpets and floors.
  • Children will be handling some real objects and some may be wearing costumes during the session introduction. Please ensure we are aware of any potential allergies prior to your visit e.g. fur, washing powder. Please talk to your class about how to handle objects, and caring for clothes, both of which have to survive to be used by other classes! As a reminder for everyone, handling guidelines are available on object tables, so please make sure that the adult helpers know they have to read these out to the children first.
  • Because the Gallery and Museum on the Mezzanine are in separate buildings, your session may be run across two sites.  Travel between the two sites will be across a pedestrian area – the usual rules of constant supervision and sufficient adult to child supervisory ratio apply. Please ensure your adult helpers know in advance that they will be supervising their group across a busy pedestrian street.
  • Sessions will take place amongst the display cases and panels. In order to make sure the children aren’t crowded and don’t fall or bang into the objects and cases, please ensure there is a sufficient adult to child supervisory ratio, and that children are aware that they will be in a space-restricted environment. Your session leader will discuss how the group will be using the space during your pre-visit , and make the children familiar with the environment and any potential hazards during an introduction at the start of your session.

Other points to consider

  • There are limited toilet facilities in the Discovery Centre and none at the Gosport Gallery or Local Studies. Where possible please make sure your children have visited the toilet prior to their journey.
  • There is no parking available at the Discovery Centre or Gallery, so children will need to be dropped off at a nearby safe point. The nearest safe point is at the end of Ordnance Road, by the pedestrian High Street area, with a short walk (2 minutes) to the Gallery or Discovery Centre. There is no parking in this area, but a long stay coach car park is available opposite the entrance of Clarence Road.
  • There is level access to the Discovery Centre building, suitable for wheelchair users, and there is a lift for access to the first floor where the Museum on the Mezzanine is sited.
  • If you have any students with particular special needs, please let us know in advance of your visit, and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.