Proposals for the future of Milford on Sea Library

Hampshire County Council has to make budget savings of 12% by April 2015 and all departments are affected. The Library Service has reviewed various options and proposes to make the required savings through a further management restructure, a reduction to the mobile library service, including Family Library Link, and a change to the way library services are provided in Grayshott, Kingsclere and Milford on Sea.  We understand and regret that some customers will be affected, but we believe this option will have the least impact on our customers and the service overall.

What does this mean for Milford on Sea Library?

The Library Service is keen to enter into discussions with local groups or organisations who might be interested in taking over full responsibility for the running of Milford on Sea Library.

If there is no interest from the community in running the library then from January 2015 the library service to Milford on Sea will be provided through a mobile library, visiting the village for half a day each week. This is dependent on a suitable location being found for the mobile library stop.

Why has Milford on Sea Library been selected for change?

We realise that all our libraries are much loved by their customers but Milford on Sea Library is under used. The various factors taken into consideration in selecting Milford on Sea Library include

  • Issues of books and other items have decreased by 5% over the last year and on average only 25 items are issued per opening hour
  • Less than 12% of the people who live in Milford on Sea ward use the library
  • On average only 200 people per month borrow items from the library
  • It has low opening hours (10 hours per week) and there is no funding available to increase these
  • The potential for future development of the library is low. It is located within the village hall and, so that other activities can take in the hall, outside of opening hours the library shelves are shuttered and the counter is moved out the way
  • The lease is currently up for renewal
  • It is less than 5 miles from Lymington Library and New Milton Library

What happens next?

Consultation on the two alternative ways of providing a library service ran from 3 February 2014 to Friday 2 May 2014 and we would like to thank everyone who submitted responses. The responses received are being taken into consideration during the review of the propose changes in May 2014 and an update will be available later in 2014.

If your local group or organisation is interested in exploring the opportunity to take over full responsibility for Milford on Sea Library please contact Alec Kennedy, Head of Library Operations  (alec.kennedy@hants.gov.uk).

Full details of Hampshire Library Service’s proposals to make budget savings