Starting School

If your child is about to start ‘big school’, sharing one of the picture books below might be a good way to help them discuss any worries they may have, or simply to help them look forward to this important event.

  • Silly school - Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick

    Beth doesn’t want to go to ‘silly school’, but not only does she get convinced otherwise – she even enjoys it!


  • First day of school - Toby Forward

    A young boy’s first day at school is illustrated with adjacent pictures showing what Mum is doing at work at the same time.


  • Big kiss for Alice - Sally Grindley

    Alice is excited about starting school. It’s her big brother, Tom, who has some reservations. But when Alice is in trouble, guess who comes to the rescue!


  • Mum in a million - Jill Lewis

    Pip the penguin chick has one big worry about starting school – will he spot his Mum when it’s time to go home?


  • Pocketful of kisses -  Angela McAllister

    Digby’s mother has some special help for him when he doesn’t feel quite brave enough for school.


  • Harry and the dinosaurs go to school - Ian Whybrow

    Harry’s dinosaurs come to the rescue to make school fun for Harry and his new friend.



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