Adoption and Fostering

Flora's family / Annette Aubrey

Rhyming book were Flora finds out she is adopted and her parents explain what that means. Useful notes for parents / carers at the back.
Age 4+

Jessica Strange / Malorie Blackman

Jessica the cat lives with a family of mice and wonders what sort of animal she is. She is reassured to be told to be content and happy where she is and that as long as she is loved, it is OK to be different.
Age 4+

Tell me again about the night I was born / Jamie Lee Curtis

A child asks her parents to recount the night that they adopted her. A story which captures the excitement of parents awaiting their new baby.  Humorous illustrations concentrate on the night of the adoption. A warm, light-hearted approach that reads well as a story.
Age 3+

Dad David, Baba Chris and Me / Ed Merchant

Ben’s two dads adopted him when he was four. This story encourages an understanding and appreciation of same-sex parents, as well as looking at the different sorts of families that there can be.
Age 7+

Waiting for May / Janet Morgan Stoeke

The story of a family adopting a baby girl from China told through the eyes of a little boy a young boy who is eagerly anticipating the arrival of his new sister.
Age 4+

My parents picked me! : a first look at adoption / Pat Thomas

A useful, simple information book which explains fostering and adoption to young children. Helpful ideas for an adult to use.
Age 5+

Our Gracie Aunt / Jacqueline Woodson

Two children abandoned by their mother are taken by a social worker to live with their aunt. They are reassured that their mother still loves them and will be able to look after them again when she is better.
Age 4+

When a book might help

Sharing stories about various situations can put a child’s mind at ease and make transitions and new experiences easier to cope with and more understandable.

Useful Organisation

British Association for Adoption and Fostering
Working for children separated from their birth families