My New Babysitter / Marie Birkinshaw.

A toddler shares his evening with a new babysitter.
Age 2+

Eleanor and the Babysitter / Susan Hellard.

Satisfying and warm picture book about the emotions felt when Mummy and Daddy go out and Eleanor is left with a babysitter.
Age 3+

Who will sing my puff-a-bye? / Charlotte Hudson & Mary McQuillan.
Crossfire is a dragon who discovers that he can have fun with his au pair while his mother is at work.
Age 3+

An evening at Alfie's / Shirley Hughes.
Alfie likes his babysitter and helps her come to the rescue when a pipe bursts in the attic. A good, satisfying story.
Age 4+

Helpers / Shirley Hughes.
A delightful picture book of a day in the life of an ordinary family, when the three young children are left in the charge of a male babysitter.
Age 4+

Come back soon / Miriam Moss.
Otter’s mum and dad have to go away ‘for just one sleep’. Grandma comes to look after otter for the night.
Areassuring story.
Age 3+

No Babysitters Allowed / Amber Stewart

Hopscotch the rabbit does not want his parents to go out and leave him with the babysitter but discovers that babysitters can be fun. A reassuring story.
Age 3+

When a book might help

Sharing stories about various situations can put a child’s mind at ease and make transitions and new experiences easier to cope with and more understandable.