Mummy laid an egg! / Babette Cole.

This is not a serious look at birth but an amusing, tongue-in-cheek treatment for older children.
Pictures may be somewhat graphic for some tastes.
Age 8+

Ben's Baby / Michael Foreman

Soft pastel illustrations accompany this gentle story which manages to convey the time scale of pregnancy by incorporating changing seasons and important days, e.g. Christmas and birthday. A young child is given some idea of how long the wait for a new brother or sister will be!
Age 3+

The miracle of life / Stephanie Jeffs

Birth from a Christian perspective. Can be read as a picture book or by opening flaps to reveal more biological information, although physical conception is glossed over
Age 5+

Being Born / Shelia Kitzinger

Beautifully photographed and sensitively told, this book documents the nine months from conception to birth including photographs of the actual birth. Ideal for parents or carers who want to share a book on the subject that isn't illustrated by cartoons or trying to be funny.
Age 6+

Where did I come from? / Claire Llewellyn

An amusing, readable account of where babies come from, without too much anatomical detail. Attractive illustrations.
Age 3+

How did I begin? / Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom.

Natural questions answered truthfully in clear attractive format with bright illustrations.
Age 5+

Where did I come from? / Peter Mayle

Comic treatment of the facts which are nevertheless clearly and responsibly presented. Accompanied by cartoon illustrations.
An ideal book for a child to look at by themselves.
Age 8+

Where do babies come from? / Susan Meredith

Quite detailed, covering all aspects from conception to initial baby care; includes premature babies, twins and animal babies.
Unlikely to offend, but definitely needs parental help.
Age 4+

Hello baby / Jenni Overend.

The whole family gather and help as Jack's baby brother is born in their front room. An unusual description of birth that is both realistic and tender. This book could prepare a child who may take part in such an experience, but its graphic pictures make it a book to share with an adult for reassurance and explanation.
Age 3+

How are babies made? / Alastair Smith.

Clear text looks at the changes for both mother and baby. Ideal for discussion and flaps may encourage participation.
Age 5+

My amazing journey : a first look at where babies come from / Pat Thomas.

A thoughtful explanation of sex, pregnancy and birth told in a straightforward way, but with warmth and wonder.
Age 5+

David and the kittens / Robert Westall.

Gentle story of a cat having kittens and the kittens being found homes.
Age 4+

When a book might help

Sharing stories about various situations can put a child’s mind at ease and make transitions and new experiences easier to cope with and more understandable.

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