Star friends - CORDEROY, T

Gentle story about a little alien who is scared of everything, but once he has made a friend, his confidence begins to grow

Publisher: Little Tiger Press, 2010, 9781848950955
Age guidance:3+

Once Upon a Time - DALY, N

Sarie's difficulty in reading aloud in class is overcome by her discovering the book 'Cinderella', the text of which becomes familiar to her and increases her confidence.

Publisher: Frances Lincoln, 2004, 9780711219939
Age guidance:5+

Wibbly Pig’s Silly Big Bear - INKPEN, M

Simple story about Wibbly Pig’s silly big bear who has loads of things he can’t do, so what is he good for?  The answer if lots of things, illustrating that being clever is not all that counts!

Publisher: Hodder, 2007, 9780340917190
Age guidance:2+

Cock-A-Doodle-Do! - MATTHEWS, C

Leonard the cockerel doesn’t have the confidence to wake the farmyard with his crow, but all is well in the end.

Publisher: Little Hare, 2008, 9781921272066
Age guidance:3+

Can Anybody Hear Me? - MESERVE, J

Cowboy Jack lives in a noisy family, who don’t listen to him.  When he goes on an expedition on his own, he learns to assert himself and make himself heard.

Publisher: Andersen, 2008, 9781842706343
Age guidance:4+

I Love My Cloth - STEWART, A

Bean (a rabbit) realises that her family might be about to take Cloth away, so she hides it.  A good starting point for discussion.

Publisher: Oxford University Press, 2007, 9780192792099
Age guidance:2+

Little Roo and the Big Wide World - VAN GENECHTEN, G

Little Roo doesn’t want to leave Mum’s pouch until another little kangaroo turns up and invites him to join him, exploring the world around them.  A nice story for small children who may be shy or clingy.

Publisher: Scholastic, 2006, 9780439950909
Age guidance:3+