Through My Window - BRADMAN, T

Jo is ill and has to stay in; dad looks after her while mum goes to work.  Passers-by entertain her through the window until mum returns with the promised present.

Publisher: Mammoth, 2008, 9781845078935
Age guidance:4+

I’m really ever so not well - CHILD, L

Lola has a cold, so Charlie has to find ways of amusing her. Explores how Lola feels, and compares it with feeling well.

Publisher: Puffin, 2007, 9780141382500
Age guidance:3+

Teddybears and the Cold Cure - GRETZ, S

William has a cold and is confined to bed.  His temperature makes him imagine he sees things!

Publisher: Black, 1986, 9780713650235
Age guidance:3+

Don’t You Feel Well, Sam? - HEST, A

A comforting story for a parent to share with a child who is unwell, or who needs to take medicine and is reluctant to do so.

Publisher: Walker, 2002, 9780744573350
Age guidance:3+

Spotty Dotty - MOSS, M

Simple story about a twin who loves spots and wants to catch her brother's chicken pox, but feels less happy when she actually has chicken pox and it itches.

Publisher: Orchard, 2005, 9781843621379
Age guidance:3+

Chickenpox - POWELL, J

Tilly has chickenpox and is feeling itchy. Mum tells her not to scratch, but she finds it hard until they make sock puppets together.

Publisher: Wayland, 2010, 9780750261951
Age guidance:4+

Chicken Pox! - RODDIE, S

A charming touch-and-feel pop-up book for very young children featuring chickens covered with spots.

Publisher: Tango, 1993, 1857070143
Age guidance:3+

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