Social Skills

Leopold and Bottom - BLOOM, B

Leopold tries to help his friend, Bottom, to improve his manners in a variety of social settings.  Bottom makes mistakes, but he has learnt by the end of the story.

Publisher: Siphano, 2002, 9781903078716
Age guidance:5+

Whoops!  But is wasn’t me - CHILD, L

Lola has to decide whether to tell the truth or not when she breaks Charlie’s rocket model.

Publisher: Puffin, 2007, 9780141500669
Age guidance:3+

Trumpet: The Little Elephant With a BIG Temper - CLARKE, J

Trumpet’s mum helps him control his temper by teaching him to count aloud.  In a twist at the end, Trumpet helps his mum out.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster, 2006, 9781416904816
Age guidance:3+

Doodle Bites - DUNBAR, P

Doodle is a crocodile who likes to bite, but learns his lesson by the end of the book.

Publisher: Walker, 2009, 9781406309089
Age guidance:2+

Happy Birthday, Bear - EDWARDS, R

Bear is disappointed with his birthday presents and is ungrateful, but then re-adjusts his thinking, apologises to his friends, and makes amends.

Publisher: Alison Green, 2008, 9781407103631
Age guidance:3+

Finn Throws a Fit! - ELLIOT, D

Finn’s temper tantrum is truly spectacular in its intensity and force, just like a hurricane.  But when it blows itself out, everything is calm again.

Publisher: Walker, 2009, 9781406322545
Age guidance:3+

The Day Leo Said I HATE YOU! - HARRIS, R

Mum keeps saying “No” and Leo goes from hating the word to hating mum.  Explores hurt feelings, emotions and making up,

Publisher: Little Brown, 2008, 9780316065801
Age guidance:5+

Where’s My Present? - GREEN, J

Learning that you go to a party and give the present away!

Publisher: Hodder, 2000, 9780750226509
Age guidance:3+

Max and the Magic Word - HAWKINS, C & J

Simple picture book encouraging the use of 'please' and 'thank you'.

Publisher: Viking Kestrel, 1995, 9780670808533
Age guidance:3+

Emily’s Tiger - LATIMER, M

Grandma explains how to handle her anger to Emily.  Emily is able to relate to this advice and it helps her to keep calm.

Publisher: Barefoot , 2008, 9781846861376
Age guidance:3+

Hugless Douglass - MELLING, D

A fun story of a young bear searching for an appropriate hug to share: useful for discussing touching, families, friends and strangers and how to behave.

Publisher: Hodder, 2010, 9780340950623
Age guidance:2+

“I'll do it!” taking responsibility - MOSES, B

An attempt to explain the concept of responsibility to young children.  The message is that to be trusted you must first act responsibly.

Publisher: Wayland, 1997, 9780750220958
Age guidance:4+

Two bad teddies - NILAND, K

A newcomer to a family of toys is teased, bullied and ignored until the value of his difference is recognised.

Publisher: Little Hare, 2009, 9781921541056
Age guidance:3+

Going Shopping - POWELL, J

This book uses shopping as the medium for persuading children to be polite and considerate.  A simple text and plenty of photographs.

Publisher: Watts, 2005, 9780749660499
Age guidance:4+

Playing in the Park - POWELL, J

Politeness, consideration and safety consciousness are discussed in the familiar setting of the park.

Publisher: Watts, 2005, 9780749660482
Age guidance:4+

Ruthie and the (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie - RANKIN, L

Ruthie fox lies about the camera she finds, but finds the courage to own up.

Publisher: Bloomsbury, 2008, 9780747587453
Age guidance:3+

Littlest dinosaur and the naughty rock - REID, C

A young dinosaur in a bad mood upsets all his family, is given wise advice by a giant tortoise and learns the importance of politeness, consideration and apologising.

Publisher: Bloomsbury, 2010, 9781408802663
Age guidance:3+

Please and Thank You - SIRETT, D

Simple rhyming board book, emphasizing the use of Please, Thank you, Excuse me and Sorry.

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley, 2007, 9781405316910
Age guidance:3+

My Manners Matter - THOMAS, P

A book that looks at what ‘politeness’ is and why it helps people to get on with each other.

Publisher: Wayland, 2007, 9780750252843
Age guidance:4+

Worry Monster - UFF, C

Sally eats a whole chocolate cake and lets Eric the dog take the blame.  After that, the worry monster starts visiting her and growing in size until Sally confesses to mum.

Publisher: Orchard, 2007, 9781843625483
Age guidance:3+

Hopping mad - URBAN, L,

A book that addresses the issues of anger management and tantrums in a fun way. Mouse finds himself getting angry but he learns that standing still is something he is really good at, and his anger goes.

Publisher: Anderson, 2010, 9781842709702
Age guidance:3+

Teeth Are Not For Biting1 - VERDICK, E

Simple board book dealing with the problem of biting!

Publisher: Free Spirit, 2007, 9781575421285
Age guidance:1+

Words are Not For Hurting - VERDICK, E

Think before you say something hurtful, and “I’m sorry” can help if you do.  Positive guidance on using your words.

Publisher: Black, 2009, 97814081150772+
Age guidance:

The Elephant and the Bad Baby - VIPONT, E

The bad baby learns to say please after he manages to make the elephant and all the shopkeepers cross with him.

Publisher: Hamish Hamilton, 1969, 9780241016398
Age guidance:3+

Banana! - VERE, E

One monkey has a tantrum because it wants the banana that the other has.  The word ‘please’ has a magic effect.  A very simple book with fun illustrations.

Publisher: Puffin, 2007, 9780141500591
Age guidance:3+

The Tale of Mucky Mabel - WILLIS, J

Mabel has such bad table manners that her parents don't even notice when a pig replaces her at the dinner table.

Publisher: Andersen, 1984, 9780862640538
Age guidance:5+