Step Families


Ella moves house - HASSALL, A

Simple story of Ella whose Mum has a new partner. They are all moving in together, but Ella isn’t happy about this until Jo saves the day and rescues the situation.

Publisher:Tamarind, 2010, 97818485360065
Age guidance: 4+

Grace and family - HOFFMAN, M

Grace is worried about visiting her father's new family in Gambia but realises families can be happy even when they are not all together.

Publisher:Frances Lincoln, 1995, 9780711208681
Age guidance: 6+

Totally uncool - LEVY, J

Story follows the central character through the stages of feelings as Dad gets a new girlfriend.  Goes from rejection to acceptance.

Publisher:Carol Rhoda, 1999, 9781575053066
Age guidance: 6+

Visitors who came to stay - McAFEE, A

Effective but humorous book about a girl who lives with her divorced father, and visits her mother occasionally.  They lead a comfortable, orderly life until her father brings home Mary and her son Sean.  Katy finds it difficult to share her home, her toys and most of all her dad.  A book to share or for a child to read alone.  The serious, difficult situation is tempered by the zany visual jokes.

Publisher:H Hamilton, 1984, 9780241112243
Age guidance: 5+

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