Essential Skills

Hampshire Libraries support lifelong learning including basic skills education for adults wishing to improve their reading, writing and numeracy. Many libraries have collections of material to assist with basic maths, spelling, literacy and life skills, as well as information about local courses.

Skills for Life Collections

These collections consist of a range of packs aimed at supporting the teaching of literacy and numeracy. The packs have been created by tutors in colleges and schools as well as some made for use in the workplace Some can be used by learners independently but most provide additional teaching material for use by tutors. The materials are aimed at adults (aged 19 plus) although many are suitable for use with younger learners.

Many packs in the collection are photocopiable and provide an additional free resource for those working within basic skills.

  • Items can be requested from your local library
  • There is no request fee for these items
  • Extended loans for registered Basic Skills tutors
  • Up to 20 items may be borrowed

Reading Group Sets

Multiple copy sets of essential skills materials are available for loan.

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