Government Information

All Hampshire libraries have information on their local council, councillors and recent documents e.g. local plans and consultation documents. Larger libraries have a wider selection of material, including historic material.

The most comprehensive collection of Government publications is at Winchester Discovery Centre where you will find complete sets of Acts of Parliament in force, Government Reports, Statistical Publications and Statutory Instruments.

Foreign legislation other than European Communities law is not held, except in the form of a few legal textbooks (eg "French Company Law").

You can search for individual items in the library catalogue.
If it's not in Hampshire library stock, we can often obtain publications from other libraries or from the British Library. This is usually a charge. for this service/


When requesting a journal article, if possible, let us know title, author, journal, year, volume and pages. With whatever details you are able to supply, we will do our best to track it down. If we have to obtain it from the British Library, there is a charge.

You may also like to try Articles in the National and Regional press.
You will find this service and others available on our eResources Collection.

Public Information Online

Public Information Online contains All material from 2006/07 Parliamentary session onwards. The site is updated daily with fully searchable PDFs, available on the day of publication.
A subscription site available free of charge in all Hampshire Libraries and Discovery Centres.

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Email alerts, news services and links

  • Info4localgov
    For email alerts to updates on this one-stop portal for local authorities
  • Lgc.Net
    Keep up with the main local government headlines under latest news
  • Wired-gov
    Free for all public sector users. You can personalise the government departments/agencies you get to hear about or use keywords to define your interests. Alerts can be set to arrive hourly, daily or weekly.
  • Department for Communities and Local Government
  • Local Government Association
  • National Archives
    The National Archives preserves digital government information by regularly archiving UK central government websites; including the Department for Communities and Local Government website.
  • The Parliamentary website
    This site gives information on what is currently happening in Parliament. It is a large reference source of sites and has guidance on how to find information. An advanced search option is available so that you can look for specific information.