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About the Military Collection

The material in the Military Collection focuses on the British Army from the earliest times to the present day, with particular emphasis placed on the last 300 years, and with a substantial coverage of World Wars I and II. The Collection also includes a wide range of Regimental and Divisional histories, as well as extensive material on battles, campaigns and wars. There are also sections on biographies, genealogical sources, military theory and defence studies, weapons and weapons systems, uniforms and medals.

The run of  Army Lists stretches back to the early 1800s, with more complete coverage from the 1850s onwards. Also held are the  CD-ROMs listing all the soldiers who died in the First World War and the Army Roll of Honour for the Second World War. This can be searched in a variety of ways including name, Regiment, date of death, etc. We can print out a facsimile copy of the Scroll of Remembrance which would originally have been presented to the next of kin of the deceased – the price for this is £2.50 including postage.  

The majority of the stock is lending, but there are large Reference only sections, such as the Regimental Histories, the Army Lists and the various Periodicals held.  The entire Collection is housed in it’s own separate room, on the first floor of the Library, and study facilities are available there. A lift has recently been installed for ease of access

We welcome enquiries and can offer advice and referrals to other suitable sources.
Please note: we do not hold personnel records and are unable to undertake detailed military related family history searches.


Periodicals held in the Military Collection

Title and Volumes and Dates

After the Battle 1983 numbers 42-44 (loose) then numbers 47-50 1985 – 2000 numbers 107-110 (bound) 2001 numbers 111 - present (loose)

Aldershot Garrison Herald 2002 – present

Armies & Weapons 1975-1978, issues 15-49 (bound)

Army Quarterly& Defence Journal  Vol 1 Oct 1920 – Vol 10 July 1925 (bound)

Vol 79 1960 – vol 129 1999 (bound)

Bulletin of the Military Historical Society  Vol 1 1950 – present

Conflict Studies 1970-1999 (loose)

Gunner Jan 1963 – May 1964 (single bound volume)

Guns Review Vol 1 1960 – vol 36 1996 (bound)

Jane’s Defence Weekly 1988 (loose)  Vol 14 1990 – vol 37 2002 (bound, some incomplete) then loose vol 38 2002 – present

Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research General Index vols I – XL, 1921-1962 Vol 1 1921-22 (bound) Vol XXV 1947-49, 1951 (loose) Vol XXX 1952 – vol 82 2004 (then loose) Vol 83 2005 - present

Mind, Body and Spirit (Journal of the Army Physical Training Corps) 1971-1985

Officer No 1 1960 - No 36 1975

Regiment Magazine  Issue 1 1994 - issue 54 2001

Royal Tournament Programmes 1950-53, 1955, 1957-59, 1960-67, 1969-99

RUSI Journal 1987 - present



General History


Military Museums

Military Genealogy

  • Service records - current and applications for
  • Families in British India including records of the East India Company
  • Boer War Casualties 1899 - 1902 online source from Military-genealogy.com (request lookups through Aldershot Library)
  • British Prisoners of War 1939-45 online source from Military-genealogy.com (request lookups through Aldershot Library)
  • Men of the Battle of Waterloo 1815 online source from Military-genealogy.com (request lookups through Aldershot Library)
  • National Roll of the Great War online source from Military-genealogy.com (request lookups through Aldershot Library, which also holds the print set.

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