Library services for everyone

We provide a range of services for people with special requirements including

Enjoy reading but can't get to a library...

  • Mobile libraries
    All our mobile libraries are easily accessible for older and disabled people, with wide doors and passenger lifts and make timetabled stops across Hampshire.
  • Home Library Service
    If you have a particular difficulty getting to your library, we may be able to arrange for books to be delivered to your home.
  • Good Neighbour Scheme
    A friend or neighbour can be registered to visit the library on your behalf.

Accessible IT

  • People's Network computers are available in all Hampshire Libraries providing free, high speed access, to the Internet. All computers have Supernova software for blind and partially sighted people. Every library also has at least one computer with additional 'accessible' facilities

Other specialist services

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If you are having difficulty accessing library services or have any ideas for ways in which we could make our services more accessible to disabled people we would very much like to know.

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