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Fawley is one of the richest Parishes in the country with the Esso oil refinery and its associated industries, and the electricity generating station. This is a Parish of great contrast. It also has Bronze Age barrows, Roman remains and the old Roman road at Holbury and Stone Point, which was the landing point of the Saxons when they came from the Isle of Wight.

Calshot Castle built about 1550 from the stones of Beaulieu Abbey. The stone Norman church contains a replica of a "long boat" used by the inhabitants from Tristan da Cunha, which they presented to the locality as a token of their gratitude for their reception when their island was partially destroyed by a volcano.

Eaglehurst was to have been the home of Queen Victoria, but she chose Osborne House instead. Eaglehurst Tower was used as a smugglers' haunt before being used by Marconi for his radio experiments.

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Calshot Castle