Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Resilience Forum

About the Local Resilience Forum

The Hampshire Isle of Wight Local Resilience Forum (HIOW LRF) consists of representatives from emergency services, local authorities and any other organisations who potentially would be involved in an emergency.

Through the Forum, these organisations work together to prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies. This is achieved through several LRF sub-groups dedicated to various emergency management actions from Risk Assessment of the HIOW area, to local community resilience practices.

The LRF is also responsible for the development, maintenance, and testing of emergency plans and procedures for major incidents, ensuring all its organisations are prepared to respond to an emergency within HIOW, and that an effective multi-agency response is available.This joined up approach helps to ensure the best possible service for people living in Hampshire and the effective delivery of the duties under the Civil Contingencies Act.


Contact the LRF

Local Resilience Forum
Emergency Planning Unit
Hampshire County Council
Elizabeth II Court South - 317A
The Castle
SO23 8UJ

01962 846846