Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Resilience Forum

Young people

Young children

Play these games and test your emergency knowledge and skills.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service Kidzone!

Our firefighters have lots of exciting games and information here on our Kidzone website so just have fun.

What would you do in an emergency?

Play the Ben and Molly ‘What If’ Game to find out.

Fireman Sam

Games, stories and fire safety advice from Fireman Sam.


Welephant is the Fire Services mascot and he's here with his own website for you to enjoy.

Met Office

Games from the Met Office to help you learn about the fascinating world of weather.


Older children and young adults

You can help look after your family by making sure your parents and younger brothers and sisters have undertaken the actions in the main ‘Protecting Yourself’ section.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service Kidzone!

There's lots of information for young adults on the Kidzone website all about firefighting and planning for emergencies.

Stop distasters

Try playing the UNISDR Stop Disasters game to see how you would anticipate disasters.

Met Office

A selection of case studies of different types of severe weather.

Grab Bag

What would you put in an emergency bag, in case you had to evacuate?

Grab bag