Corporate Identity

Our Logos and Branding


Logo for contractors

Contractors supplying public facing services for two years or more

If the service you provide to us is public-facing, and your contract is for two years or more, it is important that a ‘working with Hampshire County Council’ logo appears on all applications that relate to the work you are doing for us. This logo can be obtained from the communications team. The communications team will need to approve your proposed publicity materials.

Contractors who supply goods, or non-public-facing services, or for less than two years

If you are not providing a public-facing service, or your contract is less than two years, you should not display our logo on your publicity. If you feel that your circumstances are exceptional, please contact the communications team.

Clarification regarding the Register of Contractors

The Council does not endorse private businesses. This includes businesses on the Register of Contractors. Being on the register is not an ‘approval’ from the Council and does not mean that we would recommend the company. If companies on the register use our logo, or suggest they have an endorsement from us, it could be misleading for residents.

Buy With Confidence

Local companies that want to promote themselves as ‘approved’ by the council may be interested in the Buy With Confidence scheme, run by Trading Standards. Local businesses can undergo testing to show that they provide a reliable service to consumers - they can then display a special logo and appear in a directory of ‘Trading Standards approved’ businesses. The scheme is most suited to small local businesses.