Our stationery has been designed with a specific layout in mind. The standard layout is shown in Appendix A.  The County Council will present a stronger and more consistent image if we all use this standard layout for letters. To facilitate this, there is a set of corporate templates - for letters, memos, fax cover sheets, agenda, reports and minutes - available in Word and Hantsfile, pleas see Learn.IT for more information.

Continuation sheets should be on plain white paper. If you use duplex printing, continuation sheets can be printed on the reverse of the letterhead paper.

If you are sending a letter to someone, give your full name. Asking them to reply to `Mr A Jones' looks unfriendly and condescending. It puts a barrier between you and your reader. It is much better to write `Please reply to Adrian Jones.' If your forename (or Christian name) can be used for a male or female, it would be helpful to add your preferred title in brackets afterwards, eg:

Chris Smith (Ms).